What Are My Tooth Replacement Options?

Living with missing teeth can be difficult and frustrating to deal with. The gaps left behind by missing teeth affects the way you eat, your appearance, and also cause a recession in the jaw bone. Fortunately, Patriot Family Dental has many options for replacing missing teeth.

Depending on your exam, dental implants are usually the best solution because of their reliability. They have a 98% success rate and actually promote bone growth. They replace each tooth from the root all the way up to the crown above the gumline. The doctor will usually recommend dental implants to replace teeth because they replace the tooth permanently.

If dental implants aren’t going to suit your specific needs, dental crowns and bridges can also restore the function and look of your missing teeth. Crowns can replace damaged or decayed teeth by replacing the tooth above the gumline while using the root to restore the teeth. Bridges use adjacent teeth to restore a crown to its natural look and function.

Ask About Tooth Replacement Options

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