Will My Dental Treatment Hurt?

Here at Patriot Family Dental in Northeast El Paso, the number one question we are asked is “Will the dental treatment hurt?” As comprehensive dental providers, we often are required to perform tooth extractions and other oral surgery procedures which can be an intimidating prospect for some.

We are here for your comfort

We can assure you that our dental office is dedicated to providing the most comfortable and enjoyable experience for our patients. That being said, if there is pain, there is a problem. Our highly-trained staff will apply local anesthesia or sedatives if requested by the dentist, so patients should never feel a thing more than mild discomfort.

In the past decades, many patients may have had painful experiences due to tooth extraction, tooth filling, or dental implants but times have changed and dental treatment and procedures are now considered painless.

Discomfort after treatment

Swelling in the area where a dental procedure has just taken place is a good sign. It means that you are healing. But it can be uncomfortable and may last for more than 3 days. It will be important to follow the prescription regimen that the doctor has given you.

If you are in pain after the procedure your doctor will need to know. Serious pain can be the sign of larger oral health issues and the doctor will need to know immediately to be able to act quickly.

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Our dentist will discuss any dental treatment or procedure beforehand, and the best steps to avoid any pain before and after the procedure. We use the latest techniques and are fully equipped with state of the art technology to handle any treatment in a warm and comforting environment.

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