Benefits of Dental Crowns & Bridges in El Paso, TX

Both dental crowns and dental bridges are fixed dental treatments which are used for restoration or replacement of a patient’s missing natural teeth. Dental crowns are considered by dentists to be superior to teeth fillings due to better aesthetics and durability. Similarly, bridges provide improved esthetics and strength in comparison to the removable dentures. Benefits of crowns and bridges will be discussed in the article below.

Dental Crowns & Dental Bridges in El Paso, TX

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Here are some of the benefits of getting a dental crown:

Protection/ Restoration of Tooth Structure: The best way of protect a weakened or broken tooth is a dental crown. Teeth that have become compromised years after a root canal treatment can also be a good candidate to be protected with a crown.

Esthetics: While a dental crown offers physical protection, it also adds aesthetically to your smile. A crown will help in restoring the natural shape of the tooth and are made of a tooth colored ceramic which is not only very strong but looks great as well. The color of the crowns will be matched to the color of the patients natural teeth.

Durability: Crowns are generally recognized by dentist to be one of the longest lasting dental restorations available. This is because the ceramic / composite materials that the dental crowns are prepared with at Patriot Family Dental are high quality and strong.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Here are some of the benefits of dental bridges:

Functional Restoration: Dental bridges can fully restore the dental functionality of your teeth, making it possible to chew and eat efficiently again. A bridge can also restore your speech that you might have lost because of the absence of natural teeth.

Force Distribution: The dental bridge structure will also distribute you bite pressure evenly while chewing, making it easy and more comfortable for you to eat.

Aesthetics: A dental bridge will also significantly improve the look of your laugh and smile. Not only will you be able to recover your dental functions, you will also restore your smile with a bridge.

Durability: Just like dental crowns, dental bridges are also quite durable because of the state-of-the-art materials used.

Do I Need a Dental Crown or Bridge?

There can be several reasons why a person may need to recieve a dental crown or a bridge. Perhaps you have had a root canal that is now failing and the function of the tooth needs to be restored. Maybe a single tooth now has unsightly discoloration making it embarrassing to smile. Advanced decay of a tooth, or preventing the worsening of an already cracked tooth may also be a reason to restore it. Our doctor may also recommend dental crowns in order to attach a bridge to the surrounding teeth. Missing many teeth in a row could also be another good reason to get a dental bridge. The missing teeth can be a result of periodontal disease, trauma to the mouth, or severe trauma.

What to Expect from a Dental Crown or Dental Bridge

The procedure for a crown or a bridge is actually pretty simple! When a patient requires a crown, you can expect to have two separate dental visits. During the first consultation, our dentist will examine the patient’s tooth to make sure that a crown is an appropriate treatment. They will then file down or fill in the affected tooth so that it is the proper size to support the crown. Once the tooth has been prepared to receive the crown, an impression will then be taken to make a permanent crown. You will probably receive a temporary crown during your first appointment. The patient’s second appointment is when the permanent crown is received. The dentist simply applies the composite tooth with a special adhesive.

The process of receiving a bridge is similarly easy and painless. You may receive local anesthesia while the work is being done to prepare for the bridge to be received. The dentist will drill the teeth so that the bridge fits on top of them, and it will be cemented to hold it permanently in place.

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