Wisdom Tooth Removal in El Paso, TX

Each year, over five million people must have their wisdom teeth extracted due to a variety of reasons. Despite its prevalence, many remain unsure as to when it is absolutely necessary for the removal of these teeth and if they can stay in place until further notice. 

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Are you feeling discomfort from wisdom teeth?

When to remove your wisdom teeth

Deciding when it is the right time to remove one’s wisdom teeth can be a difficult task and may lead to pain or other dental health issues if not done in a timely manner. The best way to prevent this from happening is by being vigilant about regular checkups with your dentist and being aware of any potential signs that you need them pulled out. To ensure good overall oral hygiene, it’s important to have your wisdom teeth removed as soon as possible once you notice any concerning symptoms!

Extreme pain 

Pain in your mouth is a clear indicator you should visit the dentist. Even if brushing and flossing or taking painkillers temporarily reduce the discomfort, it’s best to further assess what could be causing this type of problem. There are various causes for such an issue, so it’s important that you do some research before diagnosing yourself.

Typically, the pain experienced is in the back of your mouth where wisdom teeth are located. It may feel like pressure on your jaw or gums; however, it can extend to other regions in and around your mouth if left untreated. If you’re experiencing persistent discomfort, a trip to the dentist for x-rays and an examination is highly recommended.

Swollen gums

Oral health is not just about teeth; your gums can also face serious issues from impacted wisdom teeth. If a wisdom tooth erupts at an oblique or horizontal angle relative to the other molars, it may cause inflammation of the gums and hinder proper hygiene practices. Reddened areas around this area will be sensitive when touched, further thwarting brushing and flossing, eventually contributing to cavities and decay.

Teeth crowding 

Having your permanent teeth already in place, when the erupting molars force them to shift position can be extremely painful and cause bite issues. This overcrowding also makes it difficult to properly brush and floss, which may lead to tooth decay or cavities. If treatment is not done quickly enough, neighboring impacted teeth may require extensive straightening procedures as well.

Jaw issues 

Ensuring that your jaw functions properly is essential for overall well-being. Without full mobility of the jaw, digestion can be hindered, and food won’t be broken down correctly, preventing optimal health. Therefore, having a healthy and functional set of jaws plays an invaluable role in maintaining one’s physical wellness.

In extreme scenarios, wisdom teeth can lead to difficulty in closing your jaw correctly. These issues may be mistaken for TMJ issues; however, they are often solved by extraction of the teeth, which is a simpler solution in the long run.

Continued cavities

Wisdom teeth that have partially erupted at odd angles or caused overcrowding can make it difficult to brush properly, leaving one’s teeth vulnerable and susceptible to plaque buildup and cavities. 

If you are frequently experiencing cavities and it is not your norm, it could be beneficial to speak with our dentist about the underlying cause. Extracting wisdom teeth may help counteract spaces for bacteria in your mouth and make room for fewer occurrences of tooth decay.

Increased sinus pressure  

Did you know that your mouth and nose are closely connected? When wisdom teeth become impacted, they can lead to sinus pain, pressure, or congestion. For this reason, it is highly recommended to remove them as part of a comprehensive oral health care plan. Ultimately, if any symptom arises in the mouth area, do not hesitate to contact a dentist for further guidance and diagnosis! Oral health is integral for overall well-being, so pay attention and act accordingly when necessary.

Wisdom teeth removal process

Wisdom teeth are usually the primary ones that must be removed from your mouth due to their placement being furthest back. Unfortunately, this results in them becoming more vulnerable to issues such as bacterial infection and decay. Moreover, if not extracted promptly, wisdom teeth may become stuck against adjacent teeth, resulting in even greater damage.

After our El Paso dentist has inspected your mouth and conducted an X-ray of your wisdom teeth, they can inform you as to whether it is advisable to have them removed. In certain cases, we are able to perform the removal procedure right away at our Northeast dental practice.

Recovering from wisdom tooth extraction

If you’re a parent or teen planning for the removal of wisdom teeth around school time, then it’s essential to be aware of the timeline post-surgery. Similarly, as an adult considering having your wisdom teeth extracted, understanding what will come after oral surgery is paramount in order to minimize discomfort and ensure that necessary days off work are taken into account.

Taking precautious steps before undergoing this procedure and being informed of recovery expectations afterward can help make sure everything goes smoothly throughout each stage. Our dental staff and doctor will inform you of the steps and precautions needed after surgery to make you as comfortable as possible.

When is extraction unnecessary?

Contrary to the widely-accepted notion that wisdom teeth removal is a necessary right of passage for young adults, this procedure isn’t always a must. Despite what you may have seen in your family and friends, there are plenty of cases where extraction is not required.

The eruption of wisdom teeth is a common issue as we transition from childhood to adulthood. As our baby teeth give way to the adult set, there isn’t usually enough room for these third molars which tend to appear between the teenage years and young adulthood. It’s no wonder why this can become such an obstacle – with all the new permanent teeth in place, it often feels like there just isn’t any extra space!

In certain cases, wisdom teeth do not have to be removed. These include:

  • The wisdom teeth are healthy
  • They’re fully erupted or grown in completely
  • Positioned correctly and in line with opposing teeth, without affecting your bite
  • A toothbrush and floss can reach them to effectively remove bacteria.

Striving to keep you comfortable

Extracting a tooth is usually an easy process. With the aid of local anesthesia to numb the area around your tooth, our dentist can remove it with minimal discomfort! You will feel nothing more than gentle pressure on your affected region.

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